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Different Applications Of Custom Concrete Kerbing For Your Residence

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When you think of concrete, you potentially envision exterior flooring, garage flooring or even your driveway. And this is not surprising. The intrinsic strength of concrete makes it functional for all these purposes, which is why most homeowners will associate this material as purely utilitarian. But this is not the only way that concrete can be beneficial to your property. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for concrete kerbing in residential spaces, as more and more homeowners are realising the various benefits that it offers commercial properties. Read More»

Reasons To Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property

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If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor areas, consider exposed aggregate concrete. Read on for reasons to cover your home with this material. Decorative Exposed aggregate surfaces provide an opportunity to cover your yard with beautiful river pebbles in hues such as smokey blue, tan, cream or grey. Other materials can be added to the cement also, such as coloured glass and seashells. As the topmost cement is removed during installation, the decorative elements become evident to decorate your property. Read More»