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Reasons To Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property

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If you're looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor areas, consider exposed aggregate concrete. Read on for reasons to cover your home with this material.


Exposed aggregate surfaces provide an opportunity to cover your yard with beautiful river pebbles in hues such as smokey blue, tan, cream or grey. Other materials can be added to the cement also, such as coloured glass and seashells. As the topmost cement is removed during installation, the decorative elements become evident to decorate your property. Use your home's architecture and the landscape for inspiration when selecting what aggregates to include.

Barefoot Friendly Surfaces

You'll also be able to alter the concrete texture with your choice of embellishments. Around a pool, you'll want to walk comfortably in bare feet, without sharp edges cutting into your soles. For this, select rounded river pebbles that have been smoothed by running water rather than angular crushed stones, pulverised by a machine. The aggregate size will also affect the concrete's texture, so get advice from your concrete services on the best options. During installation, they can remove different degrees of cement so that the aggregates protrude sharply or minimally, creating more bumpy and smooth surfaces, respectively.

Safe Surface

The safety of friends and family around your home is paramount, and exposed aggregate ensures the flooring is as safe as possible. The embellishments create a textured surface that improves traction — additionally, you can apply a non-slip sealant for further benefits. Consider also techniques such as sandblasting that roughen up the concrete. However, at the same time, this process can tend to dull the lustre of the protruding stones and pebbles, so bear this in mind before going ahead.

Can Go Anywhere

You can spread versatile exposed aggregates around different parts of your property to generate cohesion and unity. For instance, cover your driveway, paths, pool deck or patio. Concrete can be poured into virtually any form, creating winding trails and curved patios for endless design opportunities. Combine textured exposed aggregate surfaces with smooth areas of concrete to create contrast. For example, cover your patio with texture, interrupted with wide smooth paths that break it up. 

Durable And Long Lasting

Concrete is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, able to withstand all the elements. Make sure to seal your surfaces, though, as per recommendations to retain its integrity and appearance. For extra sturdiness, you could add particularly hard aggregates such as crushed granite or slate. 

For further tips, reach out to local concrete services.