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Why Brick Restoration Is Important And When To Call For It

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Brick is one of the most popular building materials across Australia as it is used in many constructions from homes and businesses to walls and free-standing structures. Whatever type of brick building you have, you still need to ensure that your brick is in good condition so that it doesn't reach a point where it becomes too unstable to leave up. Luckily, through regular maintenance and brick restoration, brick houses and buildings can survive almost indefinitely. Here are a few reasons why brick restoration is key to your home's continued survival and when you should schedule your next session.

The Need For Restoration

Any type of material, if you use it long enough, will need some form of restoration to remain in top quality. Brick restoration is especially important because there are a number of problems that affect brick that will not affect other building materials. These issues, such as rising damp, cracked bricks, leaning and so on are all major issues that occur in older brick houses and structures that are unique to this material. While brick is very strong when it is in good condition, these tiny chinks in the armour can be a major detriment to the overall stability so that is why you need to weed them out as soon as possible. 

Replacing Cracked Bricks

While brick structures on a whole are very solid, you will always get a few individual bricks that make it through quality control which are of a poorer standard than the rest. That is just a risk you take with any kind of natural material as it looks perfectly fine and indistinguishable from the rest, but it may have an internal issue that is invisible until later on. Brick restoration works to remove these lemons and replace them with good-quality bricks that strengthen the structure as a whole and also look much better because they aren't cracking and getting loose all the time.

When To Call For Restoration

There are a few tell-tale symptoms of when a brick structure needs restoration fast. Often the mortar in between the bricks is the first to go, and when you see it crumbling, you should schedule a visit from a brick restoration specialist. If the face of the brick wall is not even and you can see individual bricks jutting out in random sections, then this is a clear sign that they are shifting. Any kind of stains in your walls where bricks are should also be investigated (as this could be the aforementioned rising damp). Even if you don't spot anything untoward, you should get your home inspected every few years just so that you don't miss anything important. Reach out to a brick restoration professional for more information.