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Different Applications Of Custom Concrete Kerbing For Your Residence

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When you think of concrete, you potentially envision exterior flooring, garage flooring or even your driveway. And this is not surprising. The intrinsic strength of concrete makes it functional for all these purposes, which is why most homeowners will associate this material as purely utilitarian. But this is not the only way that concrete can be beneficial to your property. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for concrete kerbing in residential spaces, as more and more homeowners are realising the various benefits that it offers commercial properties. Moreover, you are not limited to a specific set of designs. With custom kerbing, you can add both practical and cosmetic touches to your landscape that you did not even know you needed! If you are looking to add oomph to your property, here are a couple of the different applications of custom concrete kerbing for your residence.

Barrier kerbing

Although barrier kerbing is the traditional form of concrete kerbing that you are probably familiar with, the reality is a little personalisation can make it go a long way for your exteriors. If you want to demarcate pathways to prevent guests from trampling on flowerbeds or turf, barrier kerbing will provide you with the separation that you are looking for.  The great thing about custom barrier kerbing is that its design is basic enough for you to customise its finish to match your home's architectural style. For example, if your property is characterised by minimalist or contemporary architecture, smooth barrier kerbing with clean lines will add a modern touch to your landscape without detracting from your preferred aesthetic.

Mower kerbing

As implied by the name, this type of kerbing is designed to make mowing your lawn without ruining your landscaping efforts easier. Firstly, the kerbing is installed strategically around your landscape. For example if you have dedicated flowerbeds, the mower kerbing will separate them from sections of grass. Mower kerbing offers your landscape multiple benefits. To begin with, partitioning your lawn will ensure that whoever is mowing the grass does not damage plants that should remain untouched. Secondly, the mower kerbing is obscured. The kerbing is designed to be the same height as the grass so that it does not stand out enough to look like your lawn is partitioned. Lastly, the lengths of mower kerbing assist with grass cutting, as the kerbing can guide the machinery along its length, which helps in facilitating the even cutting of the grass!