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Choosing an underground water tank

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For commercial and residential properties, an underground water tank can be a great investment. It ensures a supply of freshwater on your property to meet your water needs and in case of disasters such as drought or fires. It is, however, essential to choose the right type of underground tank. A few tips to consider when selecting an underground water tank include the following:


Construction is a crucial element of an underground water tank. Proper construction prevents any contaminants from getting into your water supply. Poor construction makes the tank susceptible to foreign substances that can lead to costly clean-up costs. For this reason, consider purchasing underground tanks that have certain additional benefits such as rain protection, air vents and corrosion resistance. The lack of these features in a water tank could lead to a tainted water supply that causes health problems.


A consideration in choosing an underground water tank is your plumbing system. You should select a location on your property near your plumbing system. It is cheaper and more suitable to place it close to your pipes. You can then decide whether to lay the tank's plumbing system above or below ground depending on your home's layout. The tank will also need a pump for water extraction due to its placement.


Before purchasing an underground tank, you need to determine the size you need. You should know that once installed; an underground tank will be impossible to move. You should, therefore, account for future water usage and any growth needs. Underground tanks can hold thousands of gallons of water, and by consulting a professional, you can determine the tank size you require and factor in future growth.


Underground tanks are also ideal for properties with limited space. This is a benefit as it frees up space for other projects on your property. Underground water tanks are suitable for neighbourhoods with strict HOA rules. While a tank may ensure your water needs are met, it may be an unattractive appearance on your property. While they are more expensive to buy and install initially, they are worth the investment.


You should purchase an underground water tank depending on your specific needs. Just because all tanks can hold water does not mean that they are safe for drinking. You need to determine whether you need an underground water tank for drinking water, irrigation or non-potable water use. This allows you to invest in the right type of tank.