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Use Exposed Aggregate When Repaving Your Home's Exterior

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One of the more common materials used during paving is concrete. However, despite its longevity and durability, concrete can be a tad bland and unattractive. As such, there has been an increase in interest for different forms of paving, especially with homeowners who would want a material that contributes to the curb appeal of their residence. If you are looking to repave the exterior of your home and would like something that is more decorative yet still functional, then you should consider exposed aggregate. The following are some of the reasons why you should use exposed aggregate.

Exposed aggregate enhances your curb appeal

If the attractiveness of your residence is a foremost concern when repaving, then exposed aggregate would be right up your alley. This material comprises concrete that has been mixed with other particles. These additional particles can be in the form of pebbles, shards of glass and more. As such, exposed aggregate will give you the chance to invest in paving that not only has a stunning finish, but that will easily integrate with the landscape of your home. You can also get exposed aggregate in a wide assortment of colours as the concrete contractors can incorporate dyes into the concrete mixture.

Exposed aggregate has a long lifespan

Some homeowners tend to assume that decorative concrete is simply aesthetically appealing and is not durable. Although some materials may succumb to wear and tear with heavy usage, this is not so with exposed aggregate. Firstly, the exposed aggregate is made from concrete. Therefore, it has the similar properties to regular concrete paving that has a long lifespan. Secondly, the exposed aggregate is installed on a concrete base. This makes it capable of withstanding heavy traffic and changing weather elements without succumbing to premature cracking, chipping and more.

Exposed aggregate is low maintenance

Paving is exposed to a lot of use. Whether being used as a driveway or a walkway, there will always be dirt tracked onto the paving. If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to your paving, then exposed aggregate would be a good choice. This type of paving does not require extensive maintenance measures to keep it clean and attractive. A simple wash down with water will eliminate dirt. Additionally, exposed aggregate will not be at risk of proliferation from plants such as moss or weed. Therefore, you will not be tasked with having to weed out your paving on a consistent basis.