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4 Reasons Why You Should Kerb Your Building Entrance Landscape

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Landscaping the front of your commercial building is a great way to increase your aesthetic appeal and draw in more foot traffic. However, you can't just lay some grass, plant some flowers and leave it at that. It doesn't take long for a neatly planted feature to grow out of control and look unsightly. Luckily, you don't necessarily need to hire a gardener to keep things in check. A small entrance garden can be kept under control with kerbing (also known as edging) between the landscaping and the walkway. Here are 4 reasons why you should kerb your entrance landscape as soon as possible.

Kerbing Stops Spill Over

Kerbing your garden area will stop weeds and grass from spilling out into your walkways. Since one of the main reasons for entrance landscaping is to beautify your establishment, you won't want unsightly spill over ruining your paths. This kerbing will also reduce the need to trim the lawn edges, which can be costly when you factor in tools and labour.

Kerbing Protects Flowerbeds

Some grass species can be invasive, growing into and damaging flowerbeds. Using herbicides to keep the grass away from your beds could damage the flowers themselves, so the best solution is to add extra internal edging between your grass and flowerbeds as well as between your walkway and grass. This edging will ensure flowers have their own space to grow, preventing expensive flower death and replacement.

Kerbing Improves Attractiveness

Just like colouring always looks better inside the lines, kerbing your landscape can give your entrance garden a crisper appearance that makes your building more attractive. This can be especially beneficial to businesses where neatness is a priority (such as food establishments) as it creates a clean and well-maintained aesthetic.

Kerbing Keeps People on Track

Grass is sensitive to being trampled. If too many people use your lawn as a shortcut, you'll soon start to see signs of wear and exposed soil. While you can use a 'keep off the grass' sign, you may find that visitors find the blunt instruction intimidating or uninviting. Kerbing provides visitors with a visual aid that shows them where it's acceptable to walk. Most people will not purposely step over the 'barrier' to cross your lawn as they'll be able to tell it's been sectioned off for a reason.

If you want to improve your new entrance landscaping, contact a commercial kerbing contractor about garden edging solutions.