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Different Ways to Use Paving Stones in Your Backyard

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Paving stones, which can be made of natural stone or concrete, are an excellent addition to any yard. In your backyard, there are a wide range of things you can do with these unique stones. Here are some ideas for what to do with your paving stones.

Create a Courtyard

Courtyards are often seen in formal homes and large backyards, but that doesn't mean you can't have one! If you have a water feature or other outdoor feature you want to become a focal point, why not create a courtyard around it? You can do this with a combination of grass and pavers. You want to use larger pavers for this, that are more of the round or oval shapes. Place them to where grass is bordering each of the pavers, either with natural or artificial grass. This creates the appearance of a courtyard, regardless of its size.

Design an Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms can be set up with just a concrete ground, but they look much better with something more decorative, such as one made with concrete pavers. You can use pavers that are interlocking, which makes them much easier to install and keep secure. By using the interlocking pavers instead of one slab of concrete, you get more of a decorative option. You can choose them in different shapes, sizes, and even colours. Some come textured to appear like natural stone, while others are dyed a different colour.

Have a Walkway

If you have a spot in your garden that you are proud of but doesn't get a lot of attention, why not build a simple walkway leading up to it? You can either have a solid walkway with interlocking stone or concrete pavers, or simply use loose paving stones to create a simple walkway. This might include making a walkway leading up to a bench you have near the back of your yard, or a small bistro set up that overlooks your rose garden or new herb garden. The walkway is more inviting than just walking over lawn.

Define Different Zones

You might have a backyard with different zones, such as an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, and a play area. However, they might all be blending together into one large space because the flooring is the same in all the rooms. An easy fix is to border each zone with different paving stones to show where the zones begin and end. The paving stones can also be used for concrete kerbing, where they are defining the difference between different areas of your yard, such as between the lawn and the raised garden at the edge of your yard.