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Choosing the Right Contractor for Concrete Restoration

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Concrete restoration is a great way to improve the structure, safety and stability of a building while still retaining the original character. If you own a historic property then you know how important it is that restoration work is carried out carefully and thoroughly, without compromising on design. Retaining the look of the building will increase its value, be more aesthetically pleasing and helps ensure that you comply with any rules for heritage-listed buildings.

The importance of the work means that it's essential to find the right concrete contractor. While many companies provide concrete services, not all will have experience with restoration projects. Doing your research is vital. Follow these tips to ensure that your concrete is restored to it's former glory without any problems. 

Ask for referrals

If you live in area with multiple historic buildings featuring concrete, then it's worth asking the owners of these buildings if they've had any restoration work done. You can find out whether they were happy with the work done, and if they'd recommend the contractor they used. You can even take a look at the building yourself to get an idea of what to expect from your own restoration. Looking for buildings similar to yours is best. For example, if you're looking to have a set of concrete steps restored, keep an eye out for historic concrete steps around your town, and assess their condition.

See examples of past work

When getting in touch with contractors, it's helpful to see examples of what they've worked on in the past. Many contractors feature detailed case studies on their websites. Look for similarities with your project when assessing which contractor will be the right fit. Relevant case studies may not always jump out at you, so giving a short description of your project and asking for evidence of previous work in the same area is a good idea. Not everything will be shown on the website, so pick up the phone or send an email for best results.

Be clear about your needs

Contractors will want to take on work that they feel confident in carrying out to a high standard, so being really clear about your needs will benefit everyone. Take time to write a detailed description of the work you need carrying out, and illustrate with photographs and floor plans where appropriate. Even if the first contractor you contact can't help, having a clear description might help them to refer you to someone more appropriate. It's also important that you don't suddenly add new information at the last minute. You want to be certain that your contractor is fully informed from the start, to ensure that the entire restoration process runs smoothly.