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Tips On Decorative Ways To Renew Your Outdoor Concrete Flooring And Give It New Life

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Overtime, your outdoor concrete flooring can discolour so much that it takes away the curb appeal of your home. Well, worry not because there are concrete renovation tips you can use to renew your flooring and give it a new and appealing appearance. Below you will find guidelines and tips on how to renew and decorate your outdoor concrete flooring quite effortlessly.

Decorate with Stencil Patterns

Using stencil patterns to decorate your outdoor concrete flooring is a great option, especially if you have plain concrete slabs. This techniques involves addition of patterns, colour and texture and there is a myriad of patterns and colours you can choose from. For instance, you can achieve a final finish that looks like stone, brick or even pavers.

Stencil patterns are applied using different processes and the type of stencil you choose will determine the technique you should use. If you don't know the technicalities of using stencils, it's best that you hire a professional concrete contractor to do the job.

Use a Coloured Sealer

A coloured concrete sealer not only serves its purpose of protecting your flooring, but also adds colour to the flooring. It's also less expensive to use coloured sealants to colour your floor when compared with other more involving methods that require reconstruction. Also, this method is convenient since you can just choose to buy a tinted or coloured sealer the next time you're sealing your outdoor flooring.  

It's advisable to apply two coats of the sealant as it enhances the abrasion resistance of the flooring. Also, applying two layers of sealant will increase the colour pigmentation, which can help you achieve a deeper shade. Remember to reseal your flooring roughly every 24 months so as to maintain its appeal.

Use Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping involves use of stamping tools to create patterns and enhance the texture of concrete flooring. This technique involves a process you can do yourself provided you have the right tools and you know the correct procedure. Otherwise, consult a professional or hire one to help you out with the project. Examples of stamping tools used include textured rollers and patterned stamps.

Concrete stamping can help you create a slate, flagstone or even wood appeal. If your concrete stamping is done expertly, it will be nearly impossible to tell that the flooring is not the natural material being mimicked. Also, if you don't have a high budget for renewing your outdoor flooring, this method is one of the affordable options available.

You don't have to stand your beat-up and worn outdoor concrete flooring. Above are some great and workable tips you can use to renew your outdoor flooring and give it a beautiful appeal.