Designing a new driveway

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Benefits of an Exposed Aggregate for Your Yard

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Exposed aggregate concrete is full of stones that reveal themselves once the top cement layer is brushed or washed off. Thus, this concrete exhibits the beauty of natural rock because of these pebbles that peep out of the surface. Further benefits of this paving are explained below. Colour Variations You can create endless shade variations in exposed aggregate paving. Colourful crushed limestone, quartz, and granite can be added, for example, imbuing the surface with beautiful tones. Read More»

Do You Need to Arrange an Asphalt Repair?

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What will you use as a surface for your driveway or path? If your home or business is at the end of a footpath or driveway, you could leave it as a dirt path, but that risks dirt and mud entering the building. Any vehicles that must regularly cover a dirt path will need to be washed frequently and may start to suffer damage if the road becomes rutted and bumpy. Read More»