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Benefits of an Exposed Aggregate for Your Yard

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Exposed aggregate concrete is full of stones that reveal themselves once the top cement layer is brushed or washed off. Thus, this concrete exhibits the beauty of natural rock because of these pebbles that peep out of the surface. Further benefits of this paving are explained below.

Colour Variations

You can create endless shade variations in exposed aggregate paving. Colourful crushed limestone, quartz, and granite can be added, for example, imbuing the surface with beautiful tones. Choose shades such as pinks, blues, greys, reds, or yellows. Combine two colours or mix several. Contractors can also add tint to the cement mix to contrast or match it to the crushed pebbles and stones within. Refer to the hues on your home and within the landscape to harmonise the paving with the surroundings.

Extra Grip

Exposed aggregate adds traction and grip to your backyard, making it safer even in rainy weather. The size, shape, and number of aggregates affect the texture. Another factor is the amount of cement that the contractors brush or wash off. They can continue until the aggregates protrude strongly or stop while they're barely visible to produce less bumpy paving.

Low Maintenance

You need to regularly seal this paving to protect it from the elements. Once you fulfil that task, the concrete won't demand much further upkeep besides a sweep or hose wash. The paving isn't prone to rotting, warping, or termite infestations, so it won't require specific treatments to deal with these timber ailments.

Combines with Other Decorative Concrete

You can create unique paving by contrasting exposed aggregate with other decorative concrete treatments. For example, pit sections of aggregate against smooth concrete. Alternatively, cover the main patio area with exposed aggregate and lay a stamped concrete border that mimics stone pavers. To combine the two designs, repeat a hue in the aggregates and edging.

You can also generate different looks by altering the number of aggregates. For example, to produce the appearance of a gravel surface, abundantly fill the cement with pebbles so barely any concrete shows in between. That way, you'll enjoy the rustic look of gravel. However, unlike loose gravel, the exposed aggregate surface will be solid and secure.

Aggregate concrete presents a range of benefits. You can adapt the colour by choosing specific aggregates or tint the cement itself. The textured surface created by the stones and pebbles makes safe paving with excellent traction. It will require little maintenance besides sealing. Plus, you can create a unique look in your garden by combining the aggregate areas with other decorative concrete treatments.