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Considerations When Buying A Hammer Drill For Your Small DIY Concrete Drilling Tasks

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If you reside in a concrete structure, chances are high that you may need to drill into concrete at some point to fit a new shelf, install light fixtures, mount a curtain rail onto a concrete lintel or complete some other DIY projects. Making holes in the concrete may appear overwhelming but with the right set of tools, it is a job that can be accomplished by any determined DIYer with a bit of skill in masonry.

One indispensable power tool that you may require to get the job done is a hammer drill. But how can you make sure to acquire a drill that will make your job much easier? You can begin by making the following two important considerations.

Power source

When it comes to choosing the power source for your hammer drill, you have two options: corded drills or cordless drills. Corded drills get their power supply from the mains electricity. That explains why these drills are also referred to as electric drills. Cordless drills, on the other hand, rely on the power of a battery to keep on working.

The main advantage of corded drills is that their wattage depends on the amount of power supply available from the mains electricity. Therefore, the drill becomes increasingly powerful the more power supply it receives. The major drawback of this type of drill is that it cannot be used in places where the power supply cable will not reach. Cordless drills are designed to overcome this setback because the users can move around with it without being restricted by the length of the power cables. However, the maximum voltage of the batteries used in cordless drills is generally much lower as compared to that supplied by mains electricity.

Therefore, your final decision may be narrowed down to a choice between the high-power advantage of a corded drill and the convenience of a cordless drill.

Accessories needed

Aside from acquiring a hammer drill, you also need to know what accessories can be used together with your drill. The accessories are generally designed to improve the versatility of your hammer drill. By replacing the standard drill bits with chisels, your hammer drill can work as some sort of small jackhammer, for instance. As there are several different types of brands of hammer drills being sold on the market presently, make sure to buy the accessories from the original manufacturer of your chosen hammer drill product. This will ensure compatibility and smooth operation.

When you need to perform big concrete drilling jobs in your home, you had better seek the help of a professional concrete cutter, as concrete drills that are more powerful than a standard hammer drill may be required.